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Wireless or wired Utilizing near-field magnetic induction, the 3M PELTOR System Control Unit helps improve cable management through wireless connection to the 3M PELTOR ComTac VII Headset and 3M PELTOR TEP-300 Tactical Earplugs. There is also a port for an optional wired connection to the 3M PELTOR ComTac VII headset. Several connected sources The SCU is equipped with 3 radiocom and intercom ports. 3 profiles can be configured according to the choice of distribution and listening distribution. Utilizing Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology, the 3M PELTOR Tactical Modular Audio System lets you enjoy wireless freedom with a cable-free connection between the 3M PELTOR System Control Unit and PET Headsets -300 or ComTac VII. Near-field magnetic induction is a short-range wireless digital physical layer that communicates by coupling a narrow, low-power, non-propagating magnetic field between devices. The range is about 50 cm (20 inches). The steep degradation of NFMI signal strength with distance increases privacy and reduces interference issues compared to traditional wireless technology. Autonomy: SCU Unit: Approx. 30 hours RCU remote control: Approx. 1600 hours

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