Kód: 0208005100061
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Veľkosť: 35/41, Farba: sivá, Balenie: 1 PÁR
Skladom (>5 ks) | 0208005100061
€8,59 bez DPH
Veľkosť: 42/46, Farba: sivá, Balenie: 1 PÁR
Vypredané | 0208005100066
€8,59 bez DPH

Podrobný popis

Whole-gel cutting insole, intended especially for sport footwear. Soft plush is fixed on an active gel which absorbs the shocks, reduces the tiredness and avoids feet tingling also in case of intensively strained feet. Anatomical design effectively supports lengthwise plantar arch that positively enforces the full comfort while walking or running. The insole has customizable shape, so the size can be adapted according to the required shape by cutting it, following the line on the back side.

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